Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 35: Blessed

Well I guess I blew it with blogging every day. Doggone it. But I'm not going to provide a litany of excuses. I'm just going to hit it yet again...

So today has been a fabulous day. Truly.

1) Roy and I had a date--a real live date. We haven't done that in a forever! We went out to eat, completed some Christmas shopping, and went to a movie. We laughed and talked and had such a great time. It was comfortable and fun. And another amazing thing about this experience? I am completely finished with my Christmas shopping for the kids--and it isn't even December yet. Love that.

2) When we got home I did a budget. This is month #2 for creating a very detailed budget and I am loving it. It makes me feel in control and it eliminates financial stress. So though it's rather ridiculous that we've been married for 25 years and never done a really detailed budget, hoorah that I'm doing it now...and it works!

3) Darian read The Notebook so she's all about love stories. So tonight when we took Harrison and Alex home (as they came home from school with Jace), she asked me about my love story. So that was fun to take a walk down memory lane and share those stories with my daughter. And of course--it reminded me that I am genuinely happy that I'm married to this guy of mine.

4) I was talking to a friend of mine who is in so much pain due to problems with her teeth. Because she has no money, she's going to a free clinic to have possibly three teeth pulled--and she's only 34. No dental insurance. No money even for monthly payments. My heart hurts for her. This whole story reminded me of how very blessed we are to have insurance and jobs and, really, we lack for absolutely nothing.

"I'm at that place where it's like, 'I can't get any more goodness in my life.' … I feel blessed every second. I go to bed feeling blessed, and I wake up feeling blessed."

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  1. Finally! I must say it is rather disappointing to check for a blog and find it missing for 3 days! So reading this brought me joy - probably more joy because I had been missing it!


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