Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 23: The Master Delegator

So today has been consumed with a phone-a-thon. We (Tammy, Laurie and I) started this morning at 11:00 with a training session and ended around 8:30--by the time we had everything picked up. So it was a full day. I expected it to be a bit harried, crazy, running. But in fact it wasn't like that at all. Instead the three of us basically sat around a table and cheered when a student rang a bell, signalling success. A couple of times I actually had to answer questions but usually I could 'pass the buck' to Tammy or Laurie as they both know far more than me. And so it was basically several hours of chatting and laughing and with some really great people. Laurie spent some time knitting (I love being around people when they're knitting. Somehow it always makes me feel a little more relaxed, a little more at home) and shocking us with her jaw-dropping stories; Tammy kept life organized as she dealt with literally thousands of pieces of paper and answered questions and listened to everyone's stories in her special way that makes you feel like everything you are saying is the most interesting thing known to man! And me? Pretty much I just sat there and let them do the work.

The master delegator.

So I must wasn't too bad, this phone-a-thon. I'm actually looking forward to a few more evenings of hanging with these girls who make me laugh and are willing to give of themselves to volunteer so that my life can be that much easier.

And then I have to mention Kobe. He's one of my freshmen and he's a bit edgy, this student of mine. But he has such a sweet side and it showed tonight. He took the time to pray with almost every single person he called and that alone makes me so proud of this boy who is trying so hard to grow up and do the right thing...even when it's difficult.

And then tonight after I turned off the all of the lights downstairs and locked the doors, I came upstairs to hang in the mancave with Roy for awhile. I happened to look over and there, asleep on his chest, was Sparti.


So though I've been dreading this day? It was pretty relaxed, pretty spectacular. Beth Anderson made some absolutely scrumptious chocolate chip cookies and shared them with all of us phone-a-thon peoples and Beth G came in to say hello--looking so adorable and beautiful as she always does, and someone brought those big fat cheetos that I unfortunately love and I ate WAY too many of them but gosh I like them and Jace said he actually had fun today and to top it all off, Roy's elementary gymnastics clinic was a raging success.

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