Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 26: 'Tis the Season

Phone-a-thon is officially over and I am bone tired. Honestly I can't remember when I've been so exhausted. But it's a good exhausted--at least something has been accomplished.  So YAY!! that it is finished. Over.  Behind me. Done.

Life is good.

So this morning I got in my car to head to school and the radio came on--as it always does now. (We never played the radio when we had the van. But with this car? It's never off. Weird how that happened.) But anyway, the station was playing Christmas music. And I literally stopped the car as I was backing down the driveway as it caught me by surprise so that I could listen for just a moment. Oh my--that gave me so much happiness. Christmas trees, lights, hot drinks, presents, shopping, and just so many good things all wrapped up in this holiday season. I can't wait! And hearing Christmas music playing over the radio? It reminded me that the season is actually here.

Roy even said today--We need to start playing Christmas music at home! That made me laugh. I'm pretty sure that's a first. Typically when I play music at home, he turns it off. So evidently he's feeling rather nostalgic himself. :)

A second highlight to my day is two of the girls I tutor for ESL had a major project due so they both cancelled on me today. I really do enjoy my time with them--but since this week is phone-a-thon and my day is jam-packed with lists of things to accomplish, a mid-afternoon, unexpected break was a welcome surprise. So Roy's workers bopped into the office for the car keys as they begged Roy to take them to Sonic (probably a weekly event) and he quite willingly complied so  I locked up my office and tagged along. It was fun--two silly kids in the backseat and Roy at his best--he loves entertaining kids with his off-the-cuff comments while he 'treats' them to his favorite hangout.

And though I hesitate to write this, I am just going to say that I was observed by our vice-principal today and it was a rather successful class period. Gosh I love it when that happens. When I'm introducing a new concept, I'm usually 'on my game' I was doing exactly that...and in walked Kathy. Later my kids said, "Why was Mrs. Brannan here?" And I explained that she was observing me. So one of my girls whispered to me as I walked by, "Mrs. Seals, you're such a great teacher that you don't need to worry." That was my sweet Abby. I love that girl--always the encourager. They just don't 'make them' better than her.

Another MAJOR highlight of my day?? My sister Lori is headed back home to Texas. Oh. My. Goodness. I can't even say how happy I am about that. When she's home, we skype on a regular basis so I'm able to catch up on her and Tami's lives (as they are neighbors so usually when we skype, Tami is around). These sisters of mine? They are my friends. And when they're not around...gosh, I miss them.

So...lots of good things happened today. To sum it up? I came home for about 45 minutes this evening and the house was totally quiet. 45 minutes of just me time. I needed that. And then little tiny  9 week old Sparti attacked my deaf cat Bax who is a ruthless killer at heart--biting his tail--and Bax just turned and looked at him, then batted him on the head with his paw. Whew! Sparti has no clue has lucky he is to still be alive. And I was reminded today how thankful I am for friends like  and Laurie and Tammy who give of themselves for MPA...and for me.

Life can be complicated and difficult and painful and exhausting. But friends and family and husbands and kids and pets and students and -- well, so many more things -- make it all worthwhile.


  1. Aww! I really liked that one :) It made me HAVE JOY! hahahaha and Abby's right :) You're an INCREDIBLE teacher. I'm kinda jealous I don't have you myself!

  2. I have Christmas music on at work, my neighbor does not like this, but I'm being stubborn. He can stuff his ears with cotton ;)


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