Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 14: Blessings

Well this entry is ... simply ... going to be short. I spent WAY too much time skyping with my sister. It was one of those conversations that we could have kept going forever. (And, frankly, it gave me all kinds of joy.) We were discussing our purpose in life: what are we good at doing? what were we born to do? Thought provoking...challenging...It makes my head spin a bit.

But anyway--so we got a kitten today: an adorable, gray haired kitten with long hair and a kitten meow and precious kitten-antics. So so cute. He is microchipped, neutured and has his shots--all for five bucks from the humane society. And the best part? He's a lover. He fell asleep on my shoulder, on my lap, on Roy's lap, on Jace's lap--pretty much everywhere. It's what I love about cats--that whole 'lap cat' thing...and I'm pretty sure that's what I got.


And then I just have to say--I really like this husband of mine. He's a pretty darned good guy. That was reaffirmed with this whole kitten thing. If the truth be told, he probably didn't really want a kitten. They are such a hassle and he's a bit of a worrier regarding all of our pets. But since he knew I wanted one, he very willingly obliged--no argument, no rolling of the eyes. Just a smile and a "Let's go see what we can find at the humane society." And then once we got there, he wanted to adopt EVERY SINGLE kitten that was there ( and there were a BUNCH.) "Oh hon, look at this one. Let's take him home!...Oh Vonda! Look at this one. He looks just like Bear did. Why don't we adopt him...Oh--check out how he's sitting. Let's take him home!" And so it continued--at every. single. cage. He was for real--no jesting here. He's a softie when it comes to animals with no homes. If it were up to him, we'd bring them all home...and then I'd get to take care of them. :)

But watching this big burly guy of just made me really thankful that he's mine.

I had lots of joyful moments today actually. It's Youth Rally here at our school and as I walked over for vespers, I could hear this crowd of kids--having so much fun. And then I watched Bekah Anderson sing her heart out and I just listened. And watched. And loved. I saw Beth G and Tammy and talked to them for a few minutes--real talk in the midst of lots of noise and people and stuff.

Savana came home and Darian had lots of stories tonight and I talked to Tami (my sister) who is so wonderful and deeply, deeply kind and the house is clean and life is good and I am so happy--so very very happy--to be alive.


  1. Wow! I read this blog and I feel joyful. I mean it. I really do. Reading these little joy points brings joy. Maybe blogging helps you really recognize joy in your life. I'm not sure I'm ready to start blogging - but I do want to start recognizing joy. And, yes, I ponder my purpose in life - all of the time. I really want to know what it is and start living it. So it's all about purpose and joy, I guess!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. A real live comment?? This made my day a gazillion jillion times. Thank you!! So...maybe I'll write about you tonight. :) haha And absolutely--you should start a blog. And I will be your first 'follower.'


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