Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 17: I Am

Today I watched an Oprah show--Life Course. I must say, I love those shows. I find them insightful, encouraging, thought-provoking. And today that all proved true. She interviewed this pastor from Houston (naturally his name escapes me at the moment but he is quite famous), and they were discussing the power of 'I Am...' At first, I naturally assumed this referred to God but, in fact, that was an incorrect assumption. They were discussing the reality that we bring with our statements 'I am (blank). So if we say, 'I am FAT!' or 'I am exhausted!' or 'I am so overwhelmed!', those become our self-fulfilled prophecies. We give life to negativity and that negativity becomes our reality.

And that concept has stayed with me all day. I am determined to change the way I talk--to be positive about myself, my family, my friends. I absolutely believe this to be true so...from now on?

I am so happy that I am making healthy choices.
I am excited for my future.
I am strong.
I am capable.
I am intelligent.
I am victorious.
I am confident.
I am happy.
I am grateful.

And all of those 'I am ___ ' statements? They make me feel vibrant and happy and alive. They make me feel powerful, grateful.

Those I am statements give me joy.

Another moment today? I took Piper outside to play ball with him and as I was walking back inside, I noticed my flowers. Honestly, I am baffled that they are still alive. But not only are they alive, they are thriving! I don't really get it as it's been rather cold here. Evidently it hasn't reached 'freezing' temperatures so maybe that's how they are still managing to bloom in November. But anyway, those flowers have provided so much joy for me for several months. I've stopped a few thousand times and looked at them--reveled in their simplicity, their beauty.

And last but not least...we talked about human nature in my freshman English class today. We're reading a story entitled The Lady or the Tiger? and it delves into the theme of the condition of the hearts of humanity: are we inherently good or are we inherently evil? Anyway--I had my students journal about it for a few minutes and then we discussed their ideas. And they astounded me. They are only 15 years old (and several are 14 years old) but they spoke with depth today. They took turns, listened to each other, respected each other, and were free to express themselves, even when their opinion wasn't popular.

So in my humble opinion? My 21 freshmen exuded the inherent 'good' in humanity. They were, if only for an hour, thinking for themselves--thinking beyond themselves.

And I like that.

I like that a lot.


  1. That is a show I wish I could have watched. It was Joel Osteen. His books have been an inspiration and life saver to me during times of extreme stress and worry. My choice to stand in faith, regardless of what I see or feel or what the doctors say, comes from Joel's books. His words of faith and courage have lifted me to a place of hope during some very dark times. I just spent some time reading your blogs, and felt both joy and tears. It was an unexpected pleasure this evening. I'm reminded to take a moment to be still, look for the joy in our lives, treasure our loved ones, be there, makes our lives count for something. I so want to do that, Vonda. I want God to use me to the fullest, to lighten someones day, to be an encourager, to help restore beauty from the ashes of life. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, Marcia. As always, your words leave me hungry for a face to face conversation with you. You will forever be one of my most treasured friends. And YES! That's it--Joel Osteen. He's spectacular. :)


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