Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23: The Worst Idea Ever

1) This morning at 7:00 Darian left for Bible Conference at the camp in Florida. So we loaded all of her stuff in the car and took off for the cafeteria. It was bitterly cold so I warmed up the car beforehand, thankfully. As we drove down the road and got to the ad building, there was Luke Vaughan--hauling his suitcase and guitar case and a sleeping bag and he had his pillow in his mouth. It was a rather comical sight as this poor kid was loaded down and freezing. So we rolled the window down and said--Throw your stuff in the trunk and hop in! And he did. He was so gracious, so thankful as I drove him and Darian to the caf (which was, of course, literally seconds away). And then, since we pulled up as the same time as the bus, we hung in the car for a bit and talked. But anyway, it was just sweet and Luke was so thankful--though it was such a minor little thing. But on this bitterly cold morning, this boy gave me joy--and I smiled the whole way home thinking about it.

2) I skyped with Savana today during lunch and she shared with me this youtube video about a psychologist who works with elderly people who have Alzheimer's. She shares a technique that allows her to actually make an emotional connection with these people, no matter how severe their case may be. And as I watched this video and watched her connect with this little woman who hadn't spoken in years, I just sat there and cried. It was so sweet, so touching--and so very very sad. And yet again it speaks of how we all need to be loved and accepted, no matter who we are, no matter our situation, no matter our mental capacity. Everybody needs love.

3) I made my homemade chai tea mix this evening. Can't wait to drink it in the morning.

4) My ESL class was especially fun this afternoon. They are such a great bunch of kids. We played this game where they had to match pictures with the appropriate captions. So afterwards, I asked them what they would like to do for the remainder of the semester. Lisa thought for a moment and then she said, "I think we should read a book together. Then when we come to class we can write about it and discuss it!" Ricky immediately looked at her, shock and disgust all over his face. And then he said, "Seriously, Lisa? That is the WORST idea EVER!"

5) There were lots of bright spots in my day actually. Roy bopped in during my Freshman English class to bring me the car keys. It's always fun when he drops in--brightens my day a bit. Beth G. is back and that always makes life at school just a little happier. I ate supper in the caf and Beth A. came over to chat. And we did. Then we were joined a bunch of adults...and then some kids...and it was just a generally good time. And last but not least, I purchased a subscription to HuluPlus. Why? So that I can continue watching Downton Abbey. I do believe I shall conquer that tomorrow. :)

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  1. I watched that you tube video, too. And I don't think anyone can watch it without weeping. So sweet and touching! And, I still haven't started Downton Abbey. Maybe tomorrow.


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