Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 19: Today's Main Events

Here are the main things I am grateful for today:
1. This morning Savana made grapefruit/orange fruit salad and Paula Deen cinnamon rolls. Delish. So when Jace got up, he was in the hallway and the only thing I heard was: "Here comes the cinnamon roll dance!" and then here he came--dancing as only Jace can! It's like he has no muscle in his body as he twists and turns and dances with no shame. It was the perfect way to start my day.

2. After church we went out to eat at El Que Pasa with the Williams fam. And Zach McDonald decided to tag along. And then Drew. And Nick. Once we were at the restaurant, another family came along that the Williams knew so they joined as well and it turned out there were 18 of us sitting as a group. It was so so so much fun. We were there for forever--at least two hours--with nonstop talking and great food.

3. The sun was shining today. After several days of rain and clouds and gray, the sun was a welcomed sight.

4. Today Roy and I were talking about life before the internet and how, if you wanted to go somewhere, you actually had to use a map rather than google. And it made me think how, even though it absolutely has its drawbacks, I am really thankful for the Internet and cell phones and iPads and just technology in general. Sometimes I have to remember to try to balance it...but? Better balance than no technology at all. I happen to love the perks.

5. I am thankful for pajamas at 6:00 and long evenings filled with things  I love such as reading and blogging and watching tv and ... well, maybe even some chai tea.

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  1. Yum! Grapefruit & orange salad and cinnamon rolls! Delish! And that Jace dance? I would love to join him in that dance!


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