Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 51: The Gift of Ciara

Today  (though I'm actually writing this on Sunday morning as I was exhausted last night) has been a quiet, peaceful day. Here are the highlights:

1) I spent some time talking with Linda Ashcraft after sabbath school today. She is so sweet and honest and I always enjoy our conversations. I appreciate the fact that she is real and doesn't try to pretend. She is just a precious girl and though we only see each other at sabbath school periodically, I am always glad to see her.

2) All week I have wanted to talk to Trixie as her dog Lina bit a kid on campus. She's an Australian Shepherd and the boy--Tim--was running. So I know that was the problem as she bit his heel. Unfortunately, though, she drew blood, so it has turned into quite a fiasco. But I love Lina and I 'get' her as she reminds me so much of Harmony. Anyway, as always it was fun talking to Trixie and I was so glad that I could just let her know that I've been thinking about her and her sweet dog.

3) We went for a drive today after lunch and Jace said, "Mom, when I grow up I want to live at home with you. I'll bring my wife and my hyperactive children."  I've laughed about that all day. Where did that come from??? Hyperactive children?? No doubt they will be if they're anything like him. :)

4) Lori and I skyped for an hour this morning. I love our skype sessions. We talk about anything and everything and it's simply fun.

5) Today I am thankful for the health of my family--that my kids love each other so much, for their loyalty, and that is everybody is simply vibrant and alive. There was a day when I envied families such as my own--a day when I screamed in my heart at the unfairness of it all as I watched others with healthy children while I watched my own die. But now I am so grateful for that experience of Ciara. I learned so much. She gave me depth and understanding of the love of parents for their children--no matter whether they are healthy and whole or otherwise. She taught me that life isn't perfect and there's no need to pretend. And she taught me to hope for a brighter day when we'll be reunited. So I am grateful today for my family and that everybody is happy and whole. But I am also grateful for the day when I couldn't say that. Because Ciara made all the difference.

And I was thinking about that today.

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  1. Love those skype sessions, too. And I remember Ciara sometimes too - not as much as you, of course. Life isn't fair. But it can still be happy!


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