Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 50: Cozy and Comfortable

Today has been one of those perfect kinds of days. It has been icy and rainy and blustery outside and I haven't had to do too much which translates into...well...perfection. Here are the highlights.

1)  As soon as I got up this morning I peeked outside and it was icing. When I checked the website that lists school closings, there was APCS: no school today! It was a fabulous beginning to the day. Jace was thrilled, of course. And I was genuinely happy for him.

2) As soon as I got to school I saw Kathy, our VP. She verified that the board passed having an ESL program next year which translates into a full-time job for me. Oh. My. Goodness.  AT LAST!!

3) Today is payday and I've already paid bills and figured a budget. I LOVE that.

4) I talked to my mom for quite some time this afternoon. She was chattery and happy and it was just a good conversation.

5) There genuinely isn't a single thing I can say in complaint about today. Guerin went to Southern and made it there safely so Savana is over the moon, of course. Darian is having fun at Prayer Conference. I've watched some Downton Abbey today--the most fabulous show on earth. And I cleaned the house so it feels pretty good in here. And the three of us -- Jace, Roy and me -- all ate supper together up here in the mancave. Cozy and comfortable.

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