Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 59: Happy for the Journey

Today has been a really good day. Here's why:
1) It started this morning when I declared today a "Les Miserables" day. Translation? Let's sing everything! Of course, I was the only one who participated as Jace complained and rolled his eyes and begged me to stop. It was a tad discouraging but...I persevered.

2) Today in ESL I had Michael and Lisa complete a worksheet on context clues. Michael got every single answer right. He has absolutely grown in his command of the English language. I find it amazing. And he's just so sweet. I am so thankful for Michael. And Lisa, for that matter.

3) Ricky texted me today! It was good to hear from him and know that he's doing well. I miss that boy.

4) Today I overheard someone talking and stating that atheists will burn in hell. I would imagine this person is clueless that I heard this statement though it really doesn't matter either way. But it stopped me in my tracks a bit. I am just so 'over' that thought process. And I'm absolutely not judging them for saying it--there was a day when I would have agreed. But I don't anymore. My thinking regarding such issues is fairly out of the box, I would say--and it made me realize that I'm so happy about that. I  believe much more in the 'live and let live' philosophy. It makes more sense to me. It lets me live my life as I choose while allowing others to do the same. It brings peace and acceptance. So--though I was a bit taken back by those words today, it reminded me that I like where I stand on this issue. It's a good place to be.

5) This evening when I was walking home from the caf, I couldn't help looking around at this beautiful place in which I live and feeling grateful. It's a bit chilly but I have a jacket--a cute one actually. And I have friends to laugh and talk with who joined me in the caf this evening. And I was heading home to an adorable ten year old boy whom I adore. I have a life that I love and, truly, I'm happy to be alive--happy for this journey that I believe is eternal, happy to be me.


  1. That's funny! I used to tell my kids that living with me was like living in a musical! They didn't agree but I'm sure they have lots of memories of me singing to them! And I also am so glad to be over that "burn in hell" path!

  2. AMEN TO ALL OF THE ABOVE! So glad that we're not burning in hell. haha. Love that ten year old boy. He's fabulous! Wish I could have been there to have witnessed your musical morning! I bet it was fantastical!


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