Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 57: Estee Marie

Today was the first day back at work after a fabulous break. It was good to see everyone--esp my students. They are such great kids. Here are some things I am especially grateful for today:

1) I am all set up to start taking classes to finish my certification in ESL. That's a big relief and I'm excited to get started on the actual classes. I do love going to school--Roy thinks I'm weird that way. But that's ok. My first class starts on Feb 19 and lasts for six weeks.

2) I was so productive at work today. I love these kinds of days when I can look back and see that piles are gone and folders are organized and grading is caught up, etc. I still have much to do--I'm not sure I'll ever be truly caught up as the alumni stuff can be endless...but at least it's a baby step.

3) Sue some a big bowl of spaghetti with marinara sauce while she was here and so we had that leftover for supper. It was DELISH. Somehow those spices marinated together and it was even better than when she originally made it. And another great thing about that? I didn't have to cook. Love that.

4) I got some more books for my Nook. My list of reading material is getting ridiculously long and it seems to take me a forever to get through a single book. But I am so excited about everything I have on there and am anxious to read each one. All those books?? They bring me lots of joy.

5) Highlight of my day? Estee Marie called. Love love love love love that girl. When we first moved to New Mexico to teach at Sandia View Academy when Savana was 10 months old, she was a freshman. We immediately hit it off with her and when I think back over the years to all of the students that we have adored and really grown close to, she's at the top of the list. Roy and I both adored her and when we moved to Wisconsin two years later, we begged her to go with us. We've kept in touch through the years and she remains one of those people that, no matter the time or distance that transpires between visits, when we're together or simply talking on the phone, it's an instant connection. She is beautiful and precious and priceless. A rare gem in this world. She told me some very sad, heartbreaking news and I am so sorry for her and her family (her 32 year old brother, father of 3 little ones, is in the throes of melanoma cancer). It's the kind of news that drives home the stark reality that life is fragile and each moment must be cherished. We don't have time for hurt feelings and childish actions. We need to be each other's advocate--be in other people's corner. Because if we aren't? Who will. So this hour I spent talking to Estee I cherished. Of course, every minute I spend talking to Estee I cherish--I don't need reminders. Because she's just that kind of girl.

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  1. Awe. I LOVE ESTEE! I miss her! Wish she'd come back to visit. You're an amazing teacher, so I'm sure the students are stoked about your presence as well! :)


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