Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rhythm of Life

I had the most amazing weekend--and I never left my house. The girls came home Friday evening and we ventured to the grocery store as, of course, they each had their favorite dishes in mind that we needed to prepare over the two days they were home. And once we were traversing the aisles, I remembered that I should never bring the girls to the grocery store because they throw lots of things in the basket that aren't on the list.

Oh well.

So we cooked and laughed and watched Parenthood and the Acro performance at Acrofest and talked for hours and played Rumikub and before I knew it, they were waving goodbye as they headed out the door. It was sheer fabulous and time with these cute things always leaves me feeling a wee bit empty inside but so grateful that my girls have grown into my very best friends as they fill my life with so much joy.

And then at midnight Roy got home. I have missed this man of mine so much. The days seemed eternal as we spend a lot of time together and it was just Jace and me for several days. So once he walked in the door, we stayed up much later than we should have gabbing it up as he filled me in on his six days away from home. He and three boys stayed with my sister Tami and fam in Keene, and Tami and Chas were so generous with their food and car and home and time. He appreciated their hospitality and I do too. But of course, that's just the way they are, that Lewis fam. They are a whole lot of wonderful.

So now it is Tuesday morning and an entire week stretches before me. I have big plans to accomplish this week: I have to get my office cleaned and updated. The calendar that hangs on my wall still reflects May, 2013. I shouldn't admit that but...it's true. And it just seems to be filled with clutter and I really really hate that. So today? My office is getting a makeover.

But what I am most excited about today is reading this new book I recently downloaded on my Nook.  I can't remember its title but it's Rob Bell's latest publication. I happen to be a big fan of Rob Bell as I appreciate his view on God. He has no judgment for anyone and believes in letting others live their lives. He doesn't live by looking forward to heaven and streets of gold but rather chooses to live purposefully today, making each day count and finding meaning in each moment. He believes in a God that supports our daily lives and loves us supremely rather than making us search diligently for ...what IS God's will for my life?? That is the question that haunted me for far too long until I finally had a paradigm shift that has made all the difference.

So today I am looking forward to quiet reflection and purposeful living. I am going to take a long walk down Holcombe Cove Road today and appreciate fall weather and barren trees. The stirrings of change are brewing in my life and lately I've been recoiling a bit on the inside. I hate that feeling--the gnaw of panic that is just brimming below the surface. And so today I want to let go. I want to cast my fears to the wind and embrace the ever-changing rhythm of life.

Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time.  -Miguel Angel Ruiz

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