Thursday, November 14, 2013

Night Sky

Last night Jace flung open the door, looked up at the night sky and exclaimed, "Mom! Come look!" And so I did. It was pitch black outside but as I peered up into the darkness I noticed swirling white clouds with brilliant stars glimmering. It was stunning.

Sometimes my day to day thoughts and experiences and conversations and struggles cause me forget that this world is so much bigger than me. It's so easy to focus on myself and forget that, ultimately, I'm just a little person in a big big place. I have hopes and irritations and dreams and failures and worries and joy and regrets and ... well, so many many things. Just like everyone else.

But when I stop loading the dishwasher or worrying about the future or hustling everyone out the door or ... whatever it is I am doing...when I really stop, look up at the sky that reflects the fingerprint of God, I am jolted back to that place of knowing that, in the end, everything is going to be okay.


  1. So so true. Aren't we lucky to have boys that make us look at the sky?

  2. aw i like this one. I do that too sometimes- just look up and feel so small.


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