Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bring It

Today is Registration, the official beginning of school here at MPA. I have all of the veggies chopped and waiting patiently on the kitchen counter so that as soon as Roy is ten minutes away from being ready, I can throw an omelet together and have it waiting for him when he comes downstairs this morning.

(Cue She's a Good Wife theme song...)

But my day is filled with all kinds of things to accomplish, none of which include MPA registration. I am walking with Erin this morning, buying groceries, attending a funeral, making a casserole for the family, washing some clothes because my mom is gone and not doing my laundry anymore ...

(Cue I am So Sad and Please Come Back theme songs)

...and, if time allows, cleaning this wretched house.

Jace is still sleeping. It's his last day of summer so I'll let him sleep as long as he chooses. Typically, I'm not a fan of sleeping until all hours of the day...but sometimes I have mercy. Today will be one of those days.

As today is ...well, today and all that registration encompasses, we decided to make yesterday a last day celebration around here. We had a special "last" lunch together, laughing and chatting the whole way through. Mexican themed. MPA held a staff luncheon that Roy mentioned, but from what he said, it didn't sound like it was a big deal, or that it was something that all of the staff would be attending.

As it turns out? We were one of three families that didn't attend. And? It was Mexican themed.

Yeah. Go us.

That happened.

So I feel terribly that we chose our own gig over the staff's...

(Cue We are Fails...)

...but it's too late now and truly we did have a great lunch (though chatting it up with those we share a campus with is always a barrel of fun). And then we went for a 3 mile walk--Roy, Jace and I--and took turns listing our goals for this school year--at least until Christmas. And then when we got home, Roy typed them up so we can print them out and hang them on our fridge. We listed all kinds of things we hope to accomplish--you know, the whole living purposefully bit and not letting life pass us by. Even Jace got in on the gig

(Cue We Are On It theme song.)

Last night we ordered pizza from Pizza Hut, and even got a box of their gooey brownies, Savana popped popcorn, and then we watched McFarland, USA. If anyone hasn't seen that movie? You absolutely should. It's a winner. Inspiring. And a true story. And? I'm pretty sure there isn't a single bad scene in the whole thing. We all loved it, as we sat in the man cave crunching away, our eyes glued on the screen.

It was an almost perfect day.

And so, the lazy days of summer are officially over. The temperatures around here are gradually cooling off as the highs have been in the low 80's recently. Fall is in the air. And I am sensing a new beginning: new teachers, new students, new goals. I am excited and ready to see what this year brings.

Theme Song??

Bring It.

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