Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ready for a New Day

It is snowing outside. I'm not even kidding. Big fat flakes are falling from a perfectly dark sky.

It's the middle of March in North Carolina.

Jace's school has a two hour delay even though the roads are perfectly clear. But that's okay. It means I will have an easy morning--no rushing to make Jace breakfast or scramble out the door, racing the car up the hill because it's 8:14 and we're almost late (even though we live less than two blocks away).

Maybe by this afternoon spring time will remember that it is, in fact, time for spring and the sun will pop out once again. Maybe, just maybe, we can bask in warmer temperatures by noon time. Apparently, North Carolina weather is bi-polar. Yesterday morning was warm and sunny: No need to wear a jacket to school, Jace! It feels amazing outside! But by the time I got home from school yesterday afternoon, the wind was biting. A bit later, we could have lit a fire in the fireplace (if we had one).

And I walked outside to head to the cafeteria for supper (Roy has supper duty on Wednesdays), I glanced up at the two trees in our yard and realized for the first time that they have buds on them. They are those trees that burst with pink for a few short days before blooming into leaves. They are stunning. They make me...stop. It doesn't matter what I'm stressed about or thinking about...every time I step out into my yard, I stop in wonder.

And so, I am hopeful that this burst of winter we are currently experiencing will be a mere flirtation. But frankly, I'm not interested. Winter has had its day and now? It's time to move on.

Just the other day, Roy and I were talking about how life is made up of mountains and valleys. This year, in some respects, has been a valley. I can honestly say it's been one of our most difficult years in academy--for reasons that I won't proclaim on a public blog. And maybe it's just us. Maybe it's just growing pains. But... regardless, there have been times we've struggled to see sunlight.

But yesterday, for the first time in months, we both felt relief. We have so many blessings to relish. Savana has been accepted into Western Carolina's Masters program for this coming fall--a competitive program that is offered at a reasonable cost. Darian will most likely be heading to Door County to work with a girl whom we dearly love--Candace--where she will make exceptionally good money. Jace is thriving and loving his life and friends. I am enjoying my jobs and staying busy, feeling productive. And Roy has new goals for next year that bring vision to his program.

All good things.

And so, we are both ready for some sunlight, brighter days. We are both ready to look forward and view life from the mountaintop.

It has stopped snowing now and it appears to be still outside. Jace is hanging beside me as Piper sleeps next to him. I can hear Roy upstairs as he prepares for his day. Life has begun. Spring is in the air...and we are all ready for a brand new day.


  1. We both used the phrase big fat snow flakes in blogs today:) It has been a hard year....So glad you are looking for the lights at the end of the tunnel. I'm squinting too!


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