Friday, January 17, 2014

Stupid Kids

My girls came home last night. They barrelled in with all kinds of chatter and laundry and bustle. Jace heard them first and ran down the stairs as fast as his legs could carry him so that he could engulf them in a bear hug. He does love his sisters. I'm so glad they're back for a long four day weekend.

I hope it lasts forever.

Darian is my foody. She loves for me to cook and then she ooohhhs and aaahhhhs at all of my suggestions:

What's for breakfast, Mom? I have to study really hard. I need a good breakfast. Waffles? That sounds divine. And we'll have soup for supper. How about lasagna for lunch after church? Lasagna??  I can't wait! I love lasagna! And can we have those burrito enchilada things you make some time this weekend? I love those!

Praise God she's slender.

And Savana came home even more petite than she left. She's become such a health nut as of late. She is always searching out new vegan recipes and trying them out. Or she will learn healthy tidbits and share her knowledge with me.

It's simply amazing watching your kids grow up.

And then, of course, Darian and I stayed up way too late talking. It was after midnight when we finally went our separate ways for the night. But of was fun and we laughed a lot as we discussed her dreams and talked about God and so many other various sundry things.

I remember the days when I would come home from college and we three girls would gather in the living room around Mom, laughing and sharing stories and discussing our own hopes and dreams. She told me not too long ago to enjoy every minute of it--that these are such fun days and they pass so quickly.

At the time? I didn't really know how Mom felt. I didn't realize that she treasured those moments as much as I'm sure she did, that she saw the hands of time passing much too quickly as her daughters grew up and started their own journeys away from the security of home.

When I married Roy, Mom was so sad. I well remember her devastation as Roy and I drove away toward the mountains of Colorado, eager to begin married life as we chased our own dreams together. Her sadness baffled me. You should be so happy for me, Mom. This is what I've always wanted!

But now? I get it.

Stupid kids.

Why do they have to grow up when you like them so much?


  1. Aw….I love our long talks. I miss them so much when I am at school. You are so profound. Oh and I am rather thankful I am slender too…because I can eat like a straight up pig. :) Food is fabulous. Oh and I like you a lot, too :)

  2. At least you have FABULOUS stupid kids! :) We are sad when we leave too, though. And THANKS for that compliment! haha. I have never used the word 'petite' to describe myself...


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