Thursday, April 3, 2014


A pile of clean clothes is resting on my couch. It has been there for two days now. Every day I think I need to get those put away! but then I don't. Yesterday evening, when I got home from school, I took my shoes off and placed them on top of the pile of clean clothes, thinking, When I take these clothes upstairs, all folded and ready to go, I will put these shoes away too.

The shoes are still sitting on top of the pile, undisturbed. I wonder if I will get to these clothes (and shoes) today? I wonder if I'll find the time or the motivation to conquer this laundry.

Upstairs, I have several piles of clothes that need to be addressed: a pile of "after work" clothes; a pile of "this is what I wear when I walk with Tammy" clothes; a pile of dirty clothes...

Roy doesn't have any piles of clothes. He has this weird thing where he simply doesn't procrastinate. I don't get it. Sometimes it just feels so good to walk away mindlessly.

But on a good note? I am all caught up on grading. The brick order for Fleetwood Park is submitted and waiting arrival. All of my grading for Sycamore (the online school I work for) is up to date. I am in the throes of last minute details for Conquer a Cove as the big day is today and tomorrow spell frantic gathering of supplies and compiling packets for participants (over 125 and counting).

I am almost at the finish line.

Actually, I am almost at the finish line for so many things. This school year is on a fast downhill trek. Each weekend is accounted for from now til graduation: Conquer a Cove, homeleave which brings my beautiful friend Sue, Alumni Weekend (yikes), Academy Days (Roy's homeshow), Savana's graduation, the last regular school weekend with all of its end of the year festivities, graduation.

I know it all by heart--don't even have to look at a calendar. It's crazy to me how quickly time flies this time of year with its endless activities that topple and intersect and freefall towards the end of May.

And today? It's Music Fest here at the academy. Jace is attending for the very first time. It doesn't seem possible; but, of course, it is. Last night just before he went to bed I walked him through the schedule, telling him all about his next two days. That sounds like so much fun! he said. I can't wait!

My girls always felt that way too--bursting through the door with stories and smiles and laughter of their fun-filled days of Music Fest. And now it's Jace's turn.

Last night when I got home from walking the track with Tammy, Jace was playing basketball by himself on the driveway. Come on, Mom. I'll beat you in a game of one-on-one. Whoever gets ten points first is the winner. I'm sure it'll be me because you're old!

And so I played him. I was amazed at his ball-handling skills. He's grown by leaps and bounds since the last time I played him. Of course, he plays all of the time these days as basketball is his first love when it comes to sports. But, I'm a bit taller than him still so I managed to just barely  beat him: 10-9. But it was a true game--I didn't let him make a basket for the purpose of preserving his confidence.

I'm impressed, Mom, he said. I didn't think you had it in you, being that you're so old and all.

Thanks, Jace.

And so we came inside, just the two of us, and he headed up to take a shower while I called my sister Tami to catch up on her life.

And it was then that I noticed the clean laundry, still sitting on my couch. I should fold those clothes while I'm talking to my sister, I thought.

But I didn't.

Life presents many things that we simply can't procrastinate. We can't stop time from barrelling on. We can't stop our kids from growing. We can't slow the school year down. Seasons come and go. The sun continues to shine and the world spins 'round and 'round.

It's all out of my control. But those clothes? They'll just sit and patiently wait, day by day, until finally, I decide I have had enough and I conquer them, piece by piece.


  1. Jace is adorable. I love his snide comments. They crack me up. When they're not directed at me, of course ;) Can't believe he's in Music Fest already! Oh and thanks for passing the procrastination trait to me. I was doing homework but then decided to check Facebook, then instagram, and now I'm on your blog…………..thanks Mom.

  2. As I left you high and dry for walking last night, you had time to fold!!! I bet they're all neatly done and put away???!!!! :) Mine are........NOT!


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