Sunday, April 27, 2014

More to Come

Last night was the Gymnastics Home Show. I always stand amazed at Roy's ability to pull together a team, perform flawless routines and make it all look effortless. Last night was no different. It was spectacular. Good job, hon.

My life has been in overdrive for the past few weeks, but as of today, the job aspect is on a downhill slope. I have one more major event to chalk off (Savana's graduation weekend) and then? We will be sprinting towards summer. I am so excited: lazy days reading on the swing; flowers blooming in the garden; long rides on winding roads behind Roy on the motorcycle; walks around the track with Tammy; home-cooked meals that are prepared with thought rather than thrown together at the last second so that we can all get back out the door to head in different directions; a relaxed wardrobe of long (to hide my aging legs) shorts and t-shirts...

Ah. Bliss.

I have noticed on Facebook that alumni weekends and Gymnastics Home Shows abound across the country. It seems like people everywhere on on their last sprint towards the end of school. In boarding schools across the US of A people are counting the days for one of the perks of the job:
 S-U-M-M-E-R.  Blissful, remarkable summer with all of its bounty.

Recently I was talking to someone who isn't in education and they were telling me that they were hoping to accomplish something by the end of the year. I said, "So is that May or December?" I think in education lingo--because, of course, the end of the year--to me--is May. When I'm talking to "regular" people, I have to shift my thinking. I'm not sure how the rest of the world survives working 49 out of 52 weeks. I'm not sure how they manage leaving the house by 7:30 am on a day where the sun bursts and laden trees spread their wealth of greenery for white walls and desks and busy-ness. I've never lived that way and neither did my parents. Education is in my blood. It's all I know.

And last night as I watched these kids perform on the mats, I was reminded of how much I love this job. As one of my freshman girls, Cheyenne, did her thing with a hula hoop, twisting her body in ways that shouldn't be possible, her eyelids glittering and lips sparkling behind a nervous smile, I burst, swallowing tears of pride for this girl who stole my heart from the moment I met her.

And there was EhK, running out alongside a bunch of girls who were doing the splits and showing off his own ability to manage them as well, throwing up his hands and encouraging the crowd to clap for his well-over six foot frame that managed this feat. That's EhK--always looking for some attention with his easy-going smile and silly ways.

Several times when Miranda ran across the mats or was thrown up on a pyramid, I thought There's Darian!...and then had to remind myself that...nope. My girls' day in gymnastics has come and gone. How in the world did that happen? I still well-remember watching how their little five year old bodies were thrown up on top of a pyramid, faces beaming as they waved wildly at the crowd. My heart stopped but they were alive and free, fully trusting that those below them would catch them soundly. And they always did.

It seems like yesterday. And now? One is graduating from college while the other is finishing up her freshman year.

Education has been good to me, to my family. It has provided a wealth of goodness for my kids. Last night I was the first to leave for the gym so I asked Darian to be sure Jace came with her. Several minutes after the show started, I suddenly realized I hadn't seen Jace since leaving home.  Getting Darian's attention, I mouthed,  Where's Jace?? She looked around wildly...and shrugged. So, I shrugged too and went back to watching the show. Because, the truth is, I knew that regardless he was fine. He was most likely somewhere in the gym, hanging with a friend that he found. And sure enough--he was.

But the point is, we live in a safe place. Our kids have been able to run a campus, ride bikes freely, stay out 'til dark and live as I grew up when neighborhoods were safe and nobody worried that one of us would go missing. It's a blessing that I take for granted most days, forgetting that most families don't have such luxury.

This morning as I perused Facebook, I looked through some pictures of class reunions from schools where I've taught and noted photographs of past students who are now all grown up. Some I recognized, some I didn't. But regardless, I was reminded of how blessed I've been to have these relationships with kids over the years who are now adults, forging families of their own.

And so, as I look forward to the days ahead, I'm thankful--thankful that this year is coming to a close, thankful to my freshmen who have given me opportunity to know 32 more people in this world who make me laugh (when I'm not exasperated), thankful for an environment that has let me raise my family with plenty of room to run, thankful for so many, many things.

And to think...there's so much more to come.


  1. This just makes me happy!! And? I can't wait for those walks!

  2. This thought goes through my head all of the time. I LOVE living on an academy campus. It is such a little haven. I just feel like I've had it the best, going to a boarding school but living at home, having all my friends know my family, doing gymnastics ever since I can remember…..I'm so thankful for that.

  3. This makes me feel so much better about our decision to move to an academy. The girls are fighting us tooth and nail, but I know it will be all right, and they will be happy about it someday!


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