Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 41: Simply That Amazing

1) So today it was originally going to just be 4 of us for lunch: Roy, me, Darian, Jace. And then of course Harrison joined the mix. But I cooked a huge lunch and it seemed like we should have more than just 'us' it turned out, Savana decided she could just us afterall. And she brought Guerin. And then Drew tagged along. And then Nick (Cord) called to say he could make it afterall. And THEN Ryan showed up. So in the end there were kids everywhere and everyone was talking and laughing and sprawled throughout the living room.

I love that.

2) Darian and I had some really really good conversations today--who God is and that sort of thing. Gosh I love that girl. I mean--I know that everyone loves their kids and that's a beautiful thing. But I honestly feel sorry for everyone who doesn't have Darian as their daughter. She's that amazing. (And yes, Savana--you're that amazing too.)

3) Tonight there was the Christmas program at our school. Beautiful, precious Rachel has been stressing all week about a silks routine that she was performing for the program. She was one of the first 'acts' and she was absolutely spectacular. She wrote her own routine and it went with the beat of the music. Honestly--I was amazed. She whipped those silks around, climbed, hung--so graceful and beautiful and amazing. And when it was over, she fumbled a bit at the end and climbed down...then ran out obviously upset. So I left a shortly after and found her sobbing in her dorm room. I talked to her for awhile -- about how fabulous she was and all good things -- and then we were joined by Cassie, the assistant girls' dean. So in the end, the three of us had a great conversation--talking about life and dating and love stories--those common experiences we all have yet they are all so unique, so special in their own right.

And even though I missed most of the Christmas program, I am so glad that I did.


  1. Another fun blog. Yes, everyone needs a Darian (and a Savana!). I'd take just one of them. Wish I could have heard that conversation!

  2. Your such a great teacher, and person!

  3. You're amazing, Mom. And yes. So am I.

  4. Where are you??? Get to blogging, girl!

  5. Yes where are you???? missing your words ; )


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