Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 39: Stripple Sandwiches and Such

I have to say one of the most joyful parts of my day is watching Piper and Sparti play. It is absolutely adorable. They play tag--literally. One nips the other then catapults through the house, the other hot on his trail. And then they reverse it. Over and over again. Sparti loves to attack Piper's tail--fully knowing it will begin a playing spree. Piper barks, nips, and wrestles Sparti who is 1/10 his size...and Sparti keeps going back for more. I need to video it--it's simply adorable.

Secondly, Jace has decided that he likes to breakdance. I'm not sure where this started but it's hysterical. He breakdances in the morning and all evening. Then tonight he did quite a show with his "guns." That boy...He assures me that he realizes that he looks ridiculous. But? He loves it. So...why not? :)

Thirdly, Ricky flies out for Korea in the morning as he's going home for Christmas so he stopped by my office and brought me a Christmas card today. Inside the card he wrote the sweetest message. It was priceless and I will cherish it forever. So so sweet.

Fourthly, Ryan, Drew and Ethan came into my office this afternoon and begged me to drive them to the gas station so they could get sodas. I finally complied and off we went. But naturally once we got there, Ethan's card--the designated purchaser--wouldn't work. I left my purse at home as I had no intention of going to town so...they loaded up and we came back home. But it was hilarious and fun and gosh I will those ridiculous boys once they graduate.

Fifth? I conquered the calendar that hangs on my wall. This entire semester I have fought it. I have hung it up with sticky tape. It fell down. Then I added mailing tape. Fell down again. So I stripped it of all tape and started over...this time adding more. Still fell down. And it does that weird crackly thing when it's just about ready to fall to its death so I know that its demise is just around the corner. It has been a continual fight--and I had just about it given it up for lost when Tammy mentioned that I should hang it up with hot glue. Naturally, I kept forgetting to bring the hot glue gun to school so I finally remembered to mention it to Roy last night. Naturally he has this elephant memory so this morning before I went to school, he actually got the glue gun and put it in the car for me with a couple extra glue sticks. So with a sense of accomplishment and the joy of success, I now have a permanent calendar hanging on my wall. And while I was at it, I hot glued the corkboard that has fallen down more times than I could count.

Whoever takes this office next? They're going to hate me.

And I can't not mention supper tonight. Darian came home from choir starving. So she went into the kitchen to get herself something to eat and, since I wouldn't let her open a can of hotdogs as the last time she opened a can of hotdogs I had to throw half of them out as they grew mold, she gave up trying to figure out what she was going to eat and resigned herself to playing the piano. So, being the ever-devoted mother that I am (not really--I'm pretty much over it)...I went into the kitchen to make Jace a smoothie and decided that I should 'bless' her with a stripple sandwich. And heck...while I'm at it I should make me one too! So I did. I can't even remember the last time I had a stripple sandwich. But it took me back to my childhood...and made me wonder why I don't eat those more often.


  1. Yum -- I want a stripple sandwich!!

  2. Oh, I LOVED everything about this blog. I've seen Sparti and Piper play - it is adorable. But I'm thinking' you need to video Jace break dancing - I would LOVE to see that. And, I am hungry for stripple sandwiches now.

  3. Glad to hear that the glue gun worked!!! Btw, did you know you can freeze the veggie hot dogs? I do them 2 at a time in little sandwich zipper bags (with a little of the liquid) so that they're single serving size. Just another tip from Tammy! :)

  4. I LOVE STRIPPLE SANDWICHES. Make me some when I come home!


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