Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thankful Indeed

A challenge is sweeping over Facebook at the moment: 5 days of thankfulness. So here's my thankfulness list:

1. My job. How many times can I say this? I love my job. I love getting up in the mornings and heading to work. Time flies while I am there. I love my co-workers--all of them. I even love Mondays. And the paycheck? Fabulous.

2. Seasons. I am so excited that it's fall--changing leaves and brisk weather and sweatshirts and cozy fires and toasty drinks...Honestly, I get excited at the beginning of each season but by its end, I am weary and ready for the next one. But that doesn't ring true with Autumn. I don't think I ever tire of its bounty. If anything, it is fleeting.

3. Today. Because Roy is meeting me for lunch and I absolutely love it when he comes and spends that hour with me. Ah. And? I have this professional counseling gig that is offered by the County and so it's free for 5 weeks and I am participating and I have absolutely no idea what it's all about but I met the girl who is the counselor and she's spot-on amazing and so I just can't wait to participate. Yeah. Today is going to be a great day.

4. Opportunity. I think life is filled with opportunity. A wealth of information is at the tip of our fingers. We can learn new skills and educate ourselves and dream and make life is beautiful as we choose. And I love that. That's not to say that life isn't challenging or difficult because sometimes it leaves us barely hanging on. But despite it all, life is a gift and each day brings its own unique bounty.

5. A good ink pen. One of those ink pens that glides when it writes. I have a few favorites around the house and I cherish them. Kind of selfish with them really. Like when i see someone using one of my pens, I always think...Hm. Hope they don't snag my pen.

6. Paint. I love how paint can bring home to a room. A couple of summers ago Roy and I painted the kitchen, dining room and living room of this house and wow did it make a difference. It brings a whole new feel to a room, and I think that's a pretty remarkable thing.

7. My plants. They just make me so happy. I have this little guy that sits next to me (Thanks, Tammy) and it's blooming these amazing little purple flowers. So beautiful. Every day when I sit in this chair I check it out:Are you blooming? Yep. You are. And it makes me smile. Every time.

8. Technology. Oh my word I love technology!! Ipads and cell phones and the Internet and gadgets and computers and Netflix and Hulu and Youtube and the list continues. So much fun. So much knowledge. So much opportunity. So much challenge to be disciplined!

9. My husband and my kids and my sisters and my parents (all 3 of them) and my God and my pets and my heart-friends and my close friends and my friends. 

Thankful indeed.


  1. The orchid? Still blooming? They are incredible. And hey - who painted that living room? I want a plaque on that wall in my honor!!
    Love your list! We're blessed by you and I love you!!

  2. haha! This is funny because I nominated you to do the grateful challenge this morning!

  3. Your gratefulness is contagious!!


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