Monday, September 15, 2014

The Bucket List

Yesterday we got up at the crack of dawn, not the norm for a Sunday, and I made breakfast burritos and packed lunches for everyone so we could head out the door at promptly 8:30. Savana helped Guerin with trash (as he works on a trash crew) and as soon as they got home, they showered and stuffed themselves as quickly as is humanly possible.

We left a little before 9:00. Pretty good for the Seals'.

We arrived at the racetracks in Charlotte a little before 11:00. I have never attended the drag races before so this was a first for me. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. But, this was on Roy's bucket list so we bought the tickets a few weeks ago and have anticipated the "big day" for quite awhile now.

It was incredible. Oh my word we had fun.To say it is loud is an understatement. Thankfully, Roy came prepared and had ear plugs for all of us. We watched those cars race and we laughed and cheered and stood up to see who got across that line first for several hours. But then, sadly, just before the finals, gray clouds started to gather above us and then the rain began. The event was cancelled around 4:00 and so we threw our jackets over our heads and perused the booths in the big lot in front of the stadium as none of us were quite ready to head out just yet.

On the way home, Roy said, I've crossed more things off of my bucket list in the past six months than I have total for the past ten years.

I love the idea of a bucket list. I have one, too--sitting over in a small notebook on the bookshelf here in the living room. I used to have one on my laptop that was quite extensive. I added to it on a regular basis...but then my laptop crashed, taking all of my saved documents with it. So I started a new one, hard copy style.

About an hour away is this 4-hour-zipline experience that looks phenomenal...
--a professional sporting event
--a symphony
--swimming with dolphins
--flying in a hot air balloon
--visiting Alaska
--writing a book...

Living with purpose. Diving into life headlong.

It's time to let go and see what life has to offer as, really, that's what life is all about.

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  1. I want to make a bucket list now! The first thing on it is Visit all 50 states. I have 42.....


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