Monday, May 12, 2014

The Circle of Life

Yesterday--Mother's Day--was a genuinely great day. Roy got me a 10x20 canopy for my porch and so we bar-b-qued for lunch and then hung out under the canopy to eat. There were a total of 8 of us talking and laughing out there so it was quite a grand time and we all stuffed ourselves like pigs. Afterwards the girls took off to do their thing and Roy and I went on a motorcycle ride on the Blue Ridge. And then? Yesterday evening the girls came back and Austin and Guerin came too so it was a whole lot of chaos in my living room.

A perfect kind of Mother's Day.

This week holds all kinds of good stuff--with two exceptions. One: my mom leaves Thursday. I have absolutely loved every second of her being here. She does my laundry daily, quietly going about her business washing and drying and folding and putting away. It's like I have a magical dresser and closet that just keeps replenishing itself with clean clothes. And she's my walking partner because my friend Tammy dumped me for her husband. (Jerk.) And in the morning when it's time for breakfast? She prepares this beautiful platter of fruit, all ready to eat. Then she does the dishes--washes and dries and puts away. My goodness. It begins to feel like regular life in no time -- I'm thinking I was born to be a princess and somehow I missed my calling. But regardless it has been a whole lot of amazing having Mom here for a couple of weeks and I don't want to see it end.

The second exception is Darian flies out on Monday--one week from today. And so, though that doesn't happen this week, this week will be all about preparing for her departure: going shopping for summer clothes, packing her suitcase, cooking her favorite dishes one last time, etc. I seriously can't think about it.

Yesterday, Mom, Darian and I sat out on the swing and talked for quite awhile in the afternoon. I played ball with Piper while we chatted away about nothing. But as I looked around, I couldn't help but think how North Carolina is just so beautiful. It's stunning really--lush emerald green and flowers bursting vibrant color and towering trees on all sides. We have a bird feeder in our yard and a red cardinal has decided that it his his personal feeder. He loves to sit on top of it and claim it as his own, chasing away any birds that dare to venture his direction. So as I sat there looking around and joining in the conversation, I thought about how much I cherish summertime. It's beautiful and free and relaxed. Our lives are filled with bar-b-ques and motorcycle rides and swimming pools. Everyone seems to smile a bit more readily as schedules aren't so packed and daytime seems to have an endless quality about it. I cherish this time of year when school is ending and 2.5 months of blissful summer are ahead of me.

I am amazed by life in general. Yesterday I contemplated when it was that I realized how truly fleeting life on this planet is. When I was in my 20's and 30's, I was clueless. It seemed I would have little kids whining at my feet forever. I didn't recognize how quickly kids grow up and move on with their lives, leaving you with furrowed brow, wondering how in the world that happened.

But now? I reallize--fully recognize--how important it is to cherish every moment because, before you turn around twice, it's gone.

It seems like yesterday my sisters and I were gathered in my mom's living room, chatting it up about our futures and where we were headed next. And now my mom bears silent witness as her journey with teenagers is repeated in the life of her daughter.

And someday?

I will most likely (barring a tragedy of some sort) visit my daughters' homes, quietly folding their laundry and helping them in the kitchen while they go about their busy lives, mothering and preparing and planning.


  1. I ditch you for my husband and am replaced by your mom?!!! Rude. (BTW, we've got to get on this again NOW!)

  2. If you want any kind of practice before then, you're welcome to sneak in and fold my laundry or do my dishes :-)


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