Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Manifesto

The values that guide me in my effort to show up and be seen are authenticity and courage.

I stand for kindness to all people.

In my heart of hearts, I believe that people do the best they can and that if I walked a mile in their shoes, I would be no different.

I am on this planet to love with open arms, to be true to my family and to those I call my friends, and to make my piece of the world a better place.

I will love myself by treating myself as a friend. This includes making healthy choices: not eating when I'm not hungry, choosing movement, finding time for fun, and putting down my phone and being present in my everyday life.

I will dare greatly by setting healthy boundaries:
Not everyone deserves to hear my story.
Gossip is demeaning when it's about me and when it's about others. Be quiet.

Choosing courage over comfort.

Choosing vulnerability--being me--rather than pretending or people pleasing for the sake of approval.

Choosing to have the difficult conversations rather than to push those I love away.

Choosing to face life head on when the road gets difficult rather than numbing the pain with my phone or mindless games.

Finding beauty in the simple things--a budding flower on my windowsill, a blazing sky, winding roads, cattle grazing, my child's laughter.

I will live my life with laughter, with kindness, and with open arms.

Every day...

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